The Official Story

The Axe Cop documentary is a film-in-progress. We don’t even have a film title yet.

If comic book heroes have origin stories, so do the artists who draw them. But seldom is the artist’s origin story far more captivating than that of his hero’s story. That’s the case with the creators of the web comic Axe Cop: a five-year old and his 29-year old brother. The Axe Cop Doc is a film that tells the story of Ethan Nicolle and his much younger brother Malachai and what happened to them when their web comic went viral.

The partnership has become as legendary as the axe-wielding and flute-armed evil-fighting heroes they created. This documentary takes us on a whirlwind journey from Axe Cop’s humble origins through it’s meteoric rise to becoming one of the most beloved web comics.

The Axe Cop story is a story of success: there’s a lot of love from fans. There’s a book deal, a web deal, an animation deal from Fox, games, Halloween costumes and coming soon, even action figures. But there’s a flip side to all this good stuff. The Axe Cop Doc asks the question: will this much success spoil the two brothers?

Ultimately, the Axe Cop Doc is a film about family and fame and shows us how hard it is to hold onto fun.