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In this section, we invite you to ask the filmmakers questions about the documentary film. What do you want to know? Send us your questions with the sidebar to the right.


1) Why are you making a documentary about Axe Cop?

It started at church of all places. I had seen Ethan Nicolle at service. One day after church my husband pointed out Ethan and told me about Ethan’s latest web comic. Later that day, I checked out Axe Cop and fell in love with the outrageous characters. I was intrigued that the quiet, young man from church was one of the creators of this comic and that the other creator was his 5-year-old brother Malachai! I talked to Ethan about making a short documentary. Back then, I thought this was going to be a short film on a web comic artist. Never have I been so pleased to be wrong. This has been an amazing journey for Ethan and Malachai and I’m thrilled to have captured it on film.

2) Who else is in the documentary?

We want to keep a few surprises, but right now we have members of Ethan’s family; an assortment of Ethan’s wonderful and quirky friends; web comic stars; celebrity Axe Cop fans that everyone is sure to recognize; and our favorite… an insightful, entertaining interview with Malachai’s school teacher.

3) Who is funding our production?

Axe Cop Doc has been funded by a combination of credit cards, raiding our savings accounts, and the kindness of our professional television and film colleagues who’ve been lending their time, equipment, and their talent.

4) You were unable to reach your Kickstarter goal.  How do you plan to finish the documentary?

Kickstarter was a great experience and it provided terrific exposure for the documentary project.   However, we’ve gotten this far by being frugal and resourceful, while refusing to compromise on the quality of our work.   Of course we’ll continue to look for post-production funding, but in the meantime, we’re committed to finishing the documentary and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.