Nick Offerman: Our Hero

  • Nick Offerman: Our Hero
  • Nick Offerman: Our Hero
  • Nick Offerman: Our Hero
  • Nick Offerman: Our Hero

This is rewards week at our Kickstarter campaign. All week long we’ll be adding new rewards, so check back every day at

On Monday we had a big one for you. Nick Offerman, actor, ace carpenter, and Axe Cop fan is offering to make a hand-made mahogany axe which will have three signatures burned into the handle: his, Ethan’s and Malachai’s.

The Axe Cop Doc team is so grateful to Nick for this very generous contribution to our menu of rewards. We first met Nick in April, 2012 through Ethan. Seems Nick was a fan of the Axe Cop web comics. And, as fans of Nick, we knew a bit of his background: Playing “Ron Swanson” on “Parks and Recreation” wasn’t his only gift. Nick Offerman is a master artist and craftsman when it comes to woodworking.

So we were very excited to be invited to Nick’s woodshop for our interview. No entourage accompanied him when he arrived. All he carried was a sandwich he was polishing off and a megawatt smile that made us want to smile back. His gracious, down-to-earth manner and his spontaneous sense of humor made us want to hang out with him all afternoon.

What did we talk about? The “Axe Cop” comic strip, of course. Nick told us why he finds “Axe Cop” so endearing and why he thinks it resonates with so many people. We’re planning on posting an excerpt from that interview on Kickstarter in the coming weeks. We also encourage you to check out Nick’s shop at

We’ve said this before: “Axe Cop” generates a lot of love. We have seen it throughout our 2 ½ years of filming Ethan and Malachai. And we are fortunate that many of those Axe Cop friends have also become our friends. To all of you out there, we thank you. To Nick, you are our hero.


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