Our Last Comic Con

          Comic Con 2013 was AXE COP DOC’s last Comic Con. All principal shoots are done!

          If you were at Comic Con this year, you may have seen us at the Axe Cop booth, the ADHD signing event, and the Mezco Toyz booth. And speaking of “Toyz,” we couldn’t resist the “Wexter” and “Avocado Man” plush toys. They were pretty amazing as were the patrols of “Axe Cop” clad folks hanging out by the mega “Axe Cop” balloon and the Fox food truck.

          The best event, however, was Ethan and Malachai’s Comic Con panel. Malachai, as usual, was in top form by providing his own personal critique of an “Axe Cop” ADHD cartoon segment. He’s a stickler for story accuracy and called for the firing of one of the show’s executives. Needless to say, we were thoroughly amused.

          What’s next? We now have a detailed roadmap for the film and are ready to finish it.


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